Why we are the “preferred service provider”

In market like India which is growing in a faster pace, Organizations today realize that human expertise is critical for the success of any enterprise. Our Clients Partner/Co-Source with us for Personalized solutions & services which are rewarding & help them grow in a faster pace.

We @ Adsum offer the following advantages to our Clients & Employees;

As an organization we are committed to making every employee on the outsourced program feel that they are a part of us. In spirit, we instill a sense of belonging and a participative environment for our employees to express their views and share new ideas. Some of our best practices have come out of such suggestions. We have a Compliance audit agency which monitors   and audits our compliance adherence to clients.

Our ability to stay focused on the compliances coupled   with the customized delivery to clients through simple   process makes us unique in our service offering. We are sensitive to client compliances. From the   appointment order structuring to payroll, we ensure   that we work in strict accordance to the client specifications & govt. norms.

Rewards and recognition programs (in consultation   with client) Bank Account opening for salary remittances &   expense remittances. SMS alerts on salary credits. Facilitating PF withdrawal and transfers (on employees   leaving service). Greeting card from the company is being sent to each   of the Employees residence on his or her birthday. We have an induction program for employees to help   the employee understand and appreciate the company   that he is working for. We take the employee through   his entitlements, benefits, the dos and don’ts of the   job. Explain administrative compliances and induct him   into

This induction helps the employee understand the company well and his growth path within the company,   also clearly distinguishes
Adsum as a true employer   in all sense. Our working with a number of large Indian companies   have helped us constantly improve our endeavor to render the best possible service.


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