About us  

Adsum HR  a vertical of Adsum Advisory Offers a broad range of professional consulting and permanent/contract services. With solid, broad based experience, we are confident in our ability to help our customers grow and improve their business. Adsum is a professional consulting firm specializing in creative solutions. Our industry experience and domain knowledge has enabled us to provide innovative solutions to our customers

In a highly competitive industry such as Information Technology with huge competition and high attrition, it becomes more and more difficult to find, hire and retain the top talent in the country. The making and breaking of a company can very well depend on its access to the talent pool and its ability to hire, manage and retain this talent.


At Adsum, we search and hunt the talent, recruit the right, train the brain, and retain our people. We believe that every individual goes through a transformation to evolve as an individual, team player to live up to our commitment to the customer deliver the best.


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